Waaaay too cool

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Ok … now I want an iPad!

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From the Archives: Once again, she is a Miracle …

September 22, 2010 1 comment

Tonight when I was putting Grace to bed, she had other plans. Thanks to the ability to look back, I can see that I was just plain wrong. But I am getting ahead of myself. When Grace insisted on going to sleep in our bed, I should have said “ok you’re not feeling well …. one night won’t hurt.” BUT I never, instead what happened was a power struggle to see who could get their own way. I wanted to get my way so that I would not be viewed as a push over and Grace wanted her way … because she’s two. Do I need to go any further.

So there are tears, sounds like she is being killed (which of course she was not) and lots of hitting (her hitting me, not me hitting her!). The hitting is another issue all together that we are trying to teach her is wrong! When I finally can not take it any longer she gets brought downstairs to her Mother and she has won. She is not in her bed. The next 10 minutes are spent with me cleaning the kitchen (I find it good to keep busy when I am angry) and Maria goes up and puts Grace to bed.

Here’s the miracle! Maria calls out the Grace wants me. So I go up, she is all smiles and I knee down and say that I am sorry for being angry. She says ‘Love you’ and gives me a kiss. Ok, what an asshole I am!

Here are two recovered photos from 2001, when sweet Grace was born!

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Harry Brown

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So last night I put down my book and watched the movie ‘Harry Brown’. Michael Cain at 77 shows us what real acting is all about. There is a quietness to this film, the way that is filmed is – in my opinion – very unique. Don’t get me wrong, it shows us exactly what living in the ‘estates’ in South London is really like. Hell.

When Harry has nothing left to loose and has had enough, is military training kicks in. This is not so much a film about ‘what ifs’ – it is a warning to the hoodies and junkies. Society will only stand for this bullshit for so long before the next reality show will be Vigilante Justice. You will be able to watch seniors ‘clean up’ their streets by getting rid of the waste, human or otherwise.

There are several brutal scenes, but again they are there to show you exactly how it is. Need proof, there is a scene where Harry discovers that the hoodies have video of the murder of Harry pal (thanks to every GD smart phone having a camera on it!) – just this week it was in the news that a woman was gang raped and the images were posted on line within hours. Who the fuck wants to see that?

Need more? An officer says to Harry ‘this is not Northern Ireland.’ He says ‘No it’s not. Those people were fighting for something; for a cause. To them out there, this is just entertainment.’

An excellent movie, something you should see.

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Cape to Cabot (part 2)

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I suppose while I am here I should let you know how the training is going for what I am sure will be one of my more ‘challenging’ runs to date … the Cape to Cabot run.

I have been doing a fair amount of hill work and working to keep a consistent running schedule, not always easy!

But I ran 14.6k this past Sunday in 88mins. It was raining, I had no music, and when we reached the half way turn around point … my heart sank a little knowing that I had to go ‘all the way back’ to get to the car. But I was able to keep a good pace and ignore the nagging feeling in my left leg. Cause you know, if you ignore it, it will go away …. right?

Craig and I are talking about running part of the route in a couple of weeks to mentally prepare. I am not sure this is the *best* things to do, but somewhere along the way I have picked up a few tricks to talk myself through tough runs. There are many times, that I am out on the road and I can hardly believe I am actually doing it, running that is …. cause a nap always sounds like a good idea!

If you are running C2C, keep up the training … if not, come on out to Signal Hill and help me up the hill would ya!?

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block, writer’s block …

September 15, 2010 1 comment

Ok … I admit it, which they say is the first step in solving a problem right? Admitting that you have one. Well I do, a big one. I have all these ideas swilling around in my brain but when I sit to write, I can not organize my thoughts, they come out jumbled, incoherent, like a long run on sentence that seems to go on forever, you know what I mean.

Kayjai in the meantime is being down right prolific! She has even landed on a short list for a literary award! Which, you know, is awesome for her. I too have a dream of being published, I believe there ‘is a book in me’ so to speak.

Problem is, at the moment, to quote Silent Bob …. I got nothin’.

And while the dream is alive, the dreamer is, well, asleep it would seem.

I had for a short time thought of giving in and admitting that for now, my life is too busy. But damn it, ‘busy people get shit done’ (according to my grandmother and that is a direct quote)!

I will have to carve out some time where I can put on the headphones, shut out the world and get busy … cause it ain’t gonna write itself now is it?

So to you Ms. Kayjai, I say congratulations! I’ll keep my fingers cross for you … as long as I am not ‘rockin’ the keyboard’ at the time!!

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The Walking Dead (on AMC)

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The trailer looks awesome, so I will watch the Walking Dead and Dexter – but that’s it!

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I Heart Cee-Lo Green!

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Come on … like you never felt like this?

Warning: Contains NSFW Language (put your headphone on!)

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